Grade and Test Passes

We fully support the test structure of the Federation of Artistic Roller Skating. Beginners start on grades 1 to 6 and then move on to the FARS tests in the various disciplines going through their tests – Elementary, Prelim, Inter bronze, Bronze, Inter silver, Silver, Inter-gold and Gold.

Test – 20th March 2016

Congratulations to Ruby C for passing her Elementary Solo dance test today at Herne Bay [...]

Paiges Solo Dance Gold Test

Congratulations to Paige who passed her Solo Dance Gold Test today at Haywards [...]

Tests – 13/2/2016

Congratulations to the following who passed their tests on 13th February 2016 at Ursuline Sports Centre. Felicity and Maddie - Prelim Solo [...]

Basic skills coaching – 29th November 2015

Congratulations to Alessandra and Paige who both passed their level 2 basic skills coaching course on Sunday 29th November [...]

Test passes 29th November 2015

Congratulations to those that took their tests on Sunday 29th November 2015 at Ursuline.  We had 100% test pass with the following tests:- Felicity [...]

Skating Solo Dance Tests 10/08/14

Congratulations to everyone who took their tests on 10th August 2014 at Ursuline. We had 100% pass rate with the following tests passed: Elementary solo [...]

Youngest Silver Standard Skater

Well done to our youngest silver standard skater after tests on Saturday 8th February 2014 at Haywards Heath - check out our Facebook page for more [...]

Test Passes – Elementary & Prelim

Congratulations to the skaters who passed their tests at Ursuline Sports Centre on Sunday 24th November [...]

Test Pass – Inter Gold

Congratulations to the following for passing their tests at Haywards Heath on Sunday 14th April 2013: Paige Inter Gold solo [...]