Invicta Artistic Roller Skating Club have registered with EasyFundraising to help raise funds from purchases made online at many major shops.

Choose from over 2,000 of the UK’s best-known retailers including many popular names such as Amazon, Next, Argos, John Lewis and HMV, and when you shop using the links on their site up to 15% from every purchase you make is donated to the cause you choose to nominate – namely Invicta Artistic Roller Skating Club.


It doesn’t cost a penny extra to shop and raise funds for your cause using our site, and as many retailers now give extra discounts when you buy online, you can even save money!

Please follow the existing steps for purchases that you make online:

  1. Register with Easyfundraising at
  2. When making purchases online for many major retailers including Amazon, Next, Argos, John Lewis etc log in via the easyfundraising site using your email address and password. When you make a purchase on that website a payment will be made to Invicta Artistic Roller Skating Club at no extra cost to yourself – Remember though – you must log on via the easyfundraiser site for Invicta to benefit.

Invicta is going green to raise funds for the club - we need everyone's help!!!!

Invicta Artistic Roller Skating Club is participating in the Rag Bag textile recycling scheme which provides regular fund-raising for Clubs and associations and raises awareness about recycling.

Please bring any of the below unwanted items in a securely tied plastic bag to any skating session and give them to Keith or Maria.

Any type of Clothing, Bags, Belts, Curtains, Paired Shoes (tied together), Hats, Towels, Bed Linen (sheets, pillow cases & duvet covers). We will take the bags and arrange for them to be transported to the factory where where they will be sorted and graded for reuse or recycling. In return this will help raise money for the club.

This will be ongoing, so please continue to bring all your unwanted clothes etc to the training sessions.