Kent Competitions – Sunday 24th July 2016 at Strood Leisure Centre

Congratulations to the skaters who competed at the Kent Competitions at Strood Leisure Centre on Sunday 24th July 2016.  It was a very successful but long and busy day.

2016-07-24 19.59.44

The results were as follows:-

Event 1a

Charlotte C 5th


Event 1b

Imogen 1st

Nieve 3rd

imogen and nieve




Event 11

Invicta Knights 4th

Invicta Bows 8th


Event 2d

Holly 12th


Event 3b

Ruby C 5th

Ruby O 6th


Event 8a

Invicta Damsels 2nd

saffrom jade at kent



Event 3c

Kati 1st

Maddie 5th

Ellie 7th

2016-07-24 19.34.49



Event 13b

Charlotte L 1st



Event 7

Invicta Maidens 3rd

Invicta Spears 8th


Event 2a

Charlotte L 3rd

Louise 6th

Elizabeth 12th


Event 2b

Faith 11th

Lily 12th


Event 4c

Saffron 4th

Amber 8th


Event 13c

Lily 6th


Event 10a

Invicta Swords 4th

Invicta Lancers 5th


Event 4a

Jade 6th


Event 6b

Invicta Shields 3rd


Event 6c

Invicta Veils 4th


Event 6d

Invicta Arrows 5th


Event 12

Medway Mars 3rd (with Amber skating in the team)

Invicta Belles 5th


Event 13d

Imogen 5th

Nieve 6th


Event 15a

Maria 3rd

Mel 4th