Maidstone Open Competitions – 16th and 17th November 2019

We attended the Maidstone Open competitions at Haywards Heath on 16th and 17th November 2019 and the results were as follows:-

Event 1b Newcomers

5th Millie

7th Isobel


Event 2c Non medallist

4th Alyssa

7th Halle


Event 3 Prelim

4th Charlotte


Event 4a Int Bronze

8th Brooke


Event 4b Bronze

14th Imogen


Event 5 Inter silver and silver

3rd Kati

10th Ellie

11th Maddie

12th Ruby


Event 7 Adult solo dance

3rd Michelle

7th Mel

8th Maria


Event 10b Prelim free dance

2nd Charlotte


Event 12 Bronze and over free dance

7th Ellie

8th Imogen


Event 14b Teams non medallist

7th Maidens


Event 16 Teams up to bronze

8th Dragons


Event 17 Inter silver and above teams

3rd Unicorns


Event 19 Senior couples

1st Rosie and Oliver (Maidstone)

4th Kati and Keith