Spring Solo Dance Competitions – Breydon Arena – 26th and 27th March 2022

We attended the Spring Solo Dance Competions at Breydon Arena, Great Yarmouth on 26th and 27th March 2022. The results were as follows:-

Event 1a Non Medallist solo dance – Alyssa 2nd

Event 1d Non Medallist solo dance – Millie 2nd

Event 1f Non Medallist solo dance – Kyla 4th

Event 6a Non Medallist team – Dragons (Alyssa, Millie and Kyla) 2nd

Event 7a Elementary/Prelim teams – Leg-Ends (Fiona, Mandy and Mel) 7th

Event 5a Classic solo dance – Fiona 5th Theresa 8th

Event 5b Classic solo dance – Mandy 2nd Maria 4th Mel 5th

Event 4a Inter Silver solo dance – Ruby 4th Brooke 6th

Even 4b Silver solo dance – Kati 5th Ellie 10th

Event 13 Inter silver couples – Keith and Kati 2nd

Event 9 Inter silver teams – Unicorns (Ellie, Brooke and Kati) 4th

Well done to all those that attended