Spring solo dance competitions – Kettering – 17th and 18th March 2018

Congratulations to all the skaters who competed at the FARS Spring solo dance competitions at Kettering on 17th and 18th March 2018.

The results were as follows:-

Event 8 Classic A

2nd Michelle


Event 10 Masters 40 to 55 years

6th Yvonne

7th Maria


Event 11 Masters 55 years and over

3rd Mel


Event 2a Mini solo dance

7th Louise


Event 2b2 Mini solo dance

10th Halle


Event 5a Youth solo dance

1st Rosie

9th Saffron


Event 3a Espoir solo dance

1st Ruby O

4th Ruby C

12th Charlotte L

14th Lily


Event 3b1 Espoir solo dance

5th Charlotte C


Event 3b2 Espoir solo dance

8th Madeline

9th Heidi


Event 14a Cadet free dance

2nd Kati

8th Ellie

10th Maddie P

13th Imogen


Event 14b Cadet free dance

10th Brooke


Event 12a Mini free dance

5th Louise


Event 13a Espoir free dance

5th Ruby O

7th Ruby C


Event 13b1 Espoir free dance

9th Madeline


Event 4a1 Cadet solo dance

1st Kati

7th Maddie


Event 4a2 Cadet solo dance

2nd Ellie

11th Imogen


Event 13b2 Espoir free dance

4th Charlotte C


Event 4b1 Cadet solo dance

8th Madison


Event 15a Youth free dance

1st Rosie

8th Saffron


Event 4b3 Cadet solo dance

5th Brooke


Event 18a Tots/Mini/Espoir duos

2nd Ruby and Ruby


Event 18c Tots/Mini/Espoir duos

3rd Charlotte L and Louise

6th Charlotte C and Madeline


Event 19a Cadet/Youth duos

1st Kati and Maddie P

Event 19b Cadet/Youth duos

2nd Rosie and Saffron

6th Ellie and Imogen

18th Maddison and Brooke


Event 21 Couples open standard

1st Keith and Rosie

2nd Paige and Chaz


Event 17a Senior free dance

5th Paige