League Competition – 30th June 2019

We held our final league competition of the season on Sunday 30th June 2019 at Ursuline College and has our friends from Infinity Artistic Roller Skating Club join us also.

We had 18 skaters split into 6 groups.


The results for first 2 places were as follows

Group 1

1st Ellie W


Group 2

1st Amelia

2nd Lacey


Group 3

1st Jessica

2nd Bea


Group 4

1st Alexia

2nd Elsie


Group 5

1st Molly

2nd Maya Rae


Group 6

1st Ashleigh

2nd Reuben


As this was the final league for the season we had awards for the highest points attained over the season.  The winners of each group were as follows:-

Medallists   1st ELLIE

Non Medallists    1st MOLLY