League Competiton 5/5/18

We had our League competition on 5th May 2018 at Abbey Sports Centre, Faversham.  Our friends from Infinity Artistic Roller Skating Club joined us for the event.


We had 33 skaters split into 8 groups.  The results of the first 2 places were as follows:-

Group 1

1st Saffron     2nd Kati


Group 2

1st Ruby C   2nd Charlotte L


Group 3

1st Teia-Mai    2nd Ellie R


Group 4

1st Holly B      2nd Jessica


Group 5

1st Zach     2nd S


Group 6

1st Layla    2nd April


Group 7

1st Fiona   2nd Joanne


Group 8

1st Demi    2nd Darcie