Winter Solo Dance Competitions – 11th and 12th November 2023 – Breydon Arena – Great Yarmouth

Congratulations to all the skaters who competed at the Winter Solo Dance Competitions at Breydon Arena on 11th and 12th November 2023.

The results were as follows:-

Event 1d non medallist

Ava T 14th


Event 1e non medallist

Layla 12th   Daisy 13th


Event 1f non medallist

Jessica 9th   Macy 10th


Event 1g non medallist

Phoebe 5th    Ellie T 9th


Event 1h non medallist

Orla 7th


Event 2e Prelim

3rd Kyla   4th Millie    Alyssa 8th


Event 4b Silver

Ellie 4th


Event 6b   Adults over 25

Mandy 6th   Fiona 8th   Michelle 10th   Theresa 11th   Maria 12th


Event 12 Group Show

Wheels of Glory 8th


Event 14a teams

Invicta Magical Maidens 14th   Invicta Dragons 16th   Invicta Unicorns 19th


Event 14c teams

Invicta Dino Mighty Damsels 17th


Event 15 teams

Inviicta Slayers 7th